Incredible Footage Of K9 Apprehending Suspected Domestic Abuser

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Incredible Footage Of K9 Apprehending Suspected Domestic Abuser

Duke is a K9 police officer with the Corona Police Department. He recently showed his insane athleticism and apprehension skills when assisting his handler and fellow officers in taking down a suspect. Warning: the video (published by TMZ) is intense and shows a suspect being held down by the K9 officer. Rest assured, Duke was left completely unharmed, without a single scratch on his body.

Police and Suspect in Vehicular Stand Off

Police from Corona and Fontana, California were involved in the vehicular pursuit of a suspect in the wee hours of the morning, which ended with a successful P.I.T. maneuver. Once stopped, the suspect locked himself inside his truck and refused to come out.

The suspect is accused of stalking and attempting to injure his estranged wife. When the human officers could not get him to exit his vehicle safely, they called in K9 Duke and his handler Officer Michael Neff to assist. Officers first shot the window of the suspect’s vehicle and then Duke literally sprang into action. As seen in the video, once commanded he appears in the screen virtually out of nowhere and leaps right through the shattered window and attacks the perp. The man attempts to get the dog off, but it’s not happening. Eventually, the suspect can be seen breathing heavily but not moving a single muscle. Duke had him pinned, just as he is trained to do.

TMZ Followed Up with Duke and Officer Neff

As seen in the video below, TMZ got a hold of Officer Neff and Duke to see how the pair were doing following the exciting apprehension. Incredibly, Duke did not suffer even a minor scratch jumping through the shattered window. He was left completely unscathed. Thank goodness! When asked what Duke will receive as a reward for doing such a fine job, Officer Neff responded that he got a hug and an “atta boy!”

Officer Neff is fairly new to K9 work and thanked his fellow K9 teams for working with him and Duke every day so they are prepared for moments like this event in the field. He said that he and Duke train together every day and he had no doubt that Duke would do the job he set out to accomplish when the time came.






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