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Best Dog Chew Toy of 2020

Posted by Adam Baker on

People magazine selects SodaPup toy as “Best Chew Toy for Dogs 2020” in first annual pet products awards. (PRESS RELEASE) BOULDER, CO — SodaPup Founder and CEO, Adam Baker, announced that a SodaPup product has been selected by PEOPLE magazine as the “Best Chew Toy for Dogs, 2020”. SodaPup’s Hot Dog Ultra Durable Nylon Dog Chew Toy will be featured in the 2020 PEOPLE Pet Product Awards in the December 21st issue of People Magazine. “We’re thrilled to have a SodaPup product recognized by such an established and well known magazine that has amazing reach including with many dog owners.” Baker said. “This...

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Buddy's Ears

Posted by Chris Chandler on

One of my favorite things about dogs is their ears—the fur on them is so silky and soft that they’re a go-to place for my fingers. Buddy’s ears are no exception and offer lots of petting real estate. He’s got a huge blocky head and large ears to match. I’ve heard that rubbing a dog’s ears is calming for them. I’m not sure it’s true because if it were, my dogs would be limp with relaxation with the amount of ear rubbing they get from me.If it isn’t calming for them, it’s certainly calming for me. As a little girl,...

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