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Thanks to Itty Bitty Titty Pitty for their great shout about our dog toys for their durability and interest!

Why We Love SodaPup

Phew, it's been awhile. Despite the radio silence, we have actually been quite busy over here. After a quick stint in rehab (for the dog not for me) we were able to get back to our old puppy shenanigans - but with a new set of rules. And since I can't snuggle my dog quite like I used to (I'll update more on that soon), we are using that extra time to jump start our business and source some new products.

It wasn't easy finding a product that I thought fit our lifestyle. I wanted to offer other dog owners the ability to choose a toy that their dogs would love, and would hold up against my power chewer. So many times I have had friends ask which toys I buy Alana, because if any dog could murder a helpless toy it would be her. I've seen her go through the extra tough Kong tennis balls, fire hose dog toys, antlers - and of course no squeaker toy stands a chance against her lethal jaws. It's always been a huge challenge to get long-lasting toys so it was important for me to choose a product that stood the Alana test of time.

That's why I am so happy to be selling SodaPup toys. Not only is she loving it (with or without the extra treats I shove in there) but it hasn't even cracked since she has gotten ahold of it. I chose to give her the Skull Toy which I found super cute and unique with its heart-eyes. The only downside is that the rope didn't last very long inside, but the toy itself held up like a champ. I think if I wanted to go with a tug toy, I'd go for the Shackle Tug Toy instead. But that's just one power chewers opinion to another!

We love supporting this business, and have already seen success with them (both in durability and sell-ability). We can't wait to place our next order with them for even more great products. In the meantime we do have limited stock, so if you are interested you will want to get your orders in quick. All orders in Kitchener Waterloo ON have a pick-up/delivery option so just let us know if you want to buy locally.

Let us know what you think of these awesome toys!

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