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Do You Have A Gobbler?

Posted by Chris Chandler on

  The Sodapup household has three dogs: Sugarplum, 5, is a cattle-dog mix; Buddy, also 5, is a black Lab; and Queso, 9, is a Shepherd-Husky mix. Each has their own eating style. Queso is eager for her food but relatively patient. She spends most of her time outside by choice and is often reluctant to come inside. I know dinnertime is getting close when she paws at the door and asks to come in a half hour or so before it's time to eat. When I put her food in her bowl, she eats it right then and there...

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American Pride - SodaPup Featured in Pet Age Magazine - January 2021

Posted by Adam Baker on

SodaPup is a veteran owned business committed to manufacturing its products 100% in the USA.  In this regard, American manufacturing is a brand value, central to who we are.  This separates us from other competitors who produce some but not all of their products in the United States.  Our retail partners and their customers overwhelmingly love this about us.    Consumers continue to evolve. More now than ever consumers buy from brands they believe in. Brands that they trust.  Brands that share their values.  When consumers buy a SodaPup product, they are not just buying a dog toy.  They are...

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