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USA Products Go Hard Core

Posted by Adam Baker on

The demand for domestically manufactured products is expanding beyond food into other product categories. KEITH LORIA Consumer demand for U.S.-made pet foods produced with domestically sourced ingredients has been an ongoing trend for more than a decade. Now, demand is on the rise for made in the U.S. hard goods and nonedibles, as pet owners seek out toys, collars, leashes, beds and other products bearing that distinction, pet specialty retailers and manufacturers assert. Alisha Navarro, president of Indian Trail, N.C.-based 2 Hounds Design, which offers American-made collars, leashes and harnesses, remembers a time not too long ago when made in...

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Buddy's Ears

Posted by Chris Chandler on

One of my favorite things about dogs is their ears—the fur on them is so silky and soft that they’re a go-to place for my fingers. Buddy’s ears are no exception and offer lots of petting real estate. He’s got a huge blocky head and large ears to match. I’ve heard that rubbing a dog’s ears is calming for them. I’m not sure it’s true because if it were, my dogs would be limp with relaxation with the amount of ear rubbing they get from me.If it isn’t calming for them, it’s certainly calming for me. As a little girl,...

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