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About Us

Our Choices Define Us.

Have you ever noticed that nearly all dog toys are made in China?  Dog toy companies do this because the cost of products from China is so low.  This allows companies to make more money and pass along low prices to consumers; but, is this the whole story? 

The truth about manufacturing in China and other Asian countries is that there are hidden costs.  There are costs to the environment, to the labor force, and to the product itself.  Labor and environmental standards set forth by China’s communist regime are lower than in the USA and therefore costs are lower. A decision to manufacture in China is a choice to take advantage of those lower standards:  Lower wages, less hospitable working conditions and lower environmental standards.  American consumers get an inexpensive product, but there are other costs hidden from view.

At SodaPup, we believe that our choices define us.  We’re not just a company driven by the bottom line.  We’re a group of people who believe there is a better, more responsible way to do business. 

Producing SodaPup dog toys in the USA has many positive consequences, plus we’ve found a way to compete with China pricing.

  • We comply with USA environmental standards, which are among the highest in the world.
  • We comply with USA labor standards, paying a fair wage and providing safe working conditions.
  • We produce in our primary market. Rather than shipping China made products across the Pacific Ocean we produce right here in Colorado and Minnesota.  By reducing transportation we reduce greenhouse gases and save energy.
  • We maintain quality control with an on-site presence.
  • We provide local jobs.

The word “rubber” is used loosely in the pet industry.  Most “rubber” in the pet industry is synthetic rubber or thermoplastic rubber (TPR).  These types of materials have one primary ingredient in common.  Petroleum.  A non-renewable resource.  In addition, synthetics are very slow to biodegrade, creating additional problems for the planet.

At SodaPup, we think it matters what you put in your dog’s mouth.  That’s why we use natural rubber.  Natural rubber comes from trees that are grown in tropical climates.  Natural rubber is a renewable resource.  The typical rubber tree will produce latex for 40 years.  Our natural rubber compounds contain only FDA-compliant ingredients that are safe to put in your dog’s mouth.  It’s also got great properties for dog toys.  Natural rubber is chewy (which dogs love) while also being durable.

We also believe in giving back.  Our “Rescue2“ program donates products to dog shelters in the communities where we do business.

At SodaPup our choices define us.  We make dog toys that are good for you, your dog, and the planet.