Floating Toys

Some dogs are water dogs and it can be very disappointing to lose your favorite toys at the bottom of the lake!  That's why SodaPup has developed durable dog toys that also float.  It's the perfect way to cool off on hot summer days and also a great way to burn off some extra dog energy. Playing fetch with your dog in the water is a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship with your dog..


Is swimming good for dogs?
Just as for humans, swimming has many benefits for dogs. Swimming is excellent exercise because it uses all the muscles in the body without straining the joints. For this reason it is an ideal activity for dogs of all ages, and is especially recommended for growing large-sized puppies and as rehabilitation therapy for animals who have suffered trauma injuries or have problems with their joints. It’s also great exercise for overweight dogs.
What makes for a good dog toy for fetching in water?
Water toys for dogs are specifically designed for play and fun in the water with our four-legged friends. These toys are made with materials that float, they can withstand being bitten without puncturing (and sinking) and they are very visible.
What makes SodaPup floating toys better than the rest?
SodaPup floating toys are more durable than most other dog floating toys. This is because many other brands use foam materials which aren’t as durable as non-foam materials. SodaPup uses durable natural rubber on the outside of the toy and foam materials on the inside to give the toy floatation.