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SodaPup dog chew toys are made with a proprietary natural rubber compound called PuppyPrene.  PuppyPrene is specially formulated to provide durability which make our toys last with chewiness which your dog will love. PuppyPrene is available in three formulations:

PuppyPrene 1.0 is specially formulated for teething puppies, PuppyPrene 1.0 is an exceptionally soft compound that is gentle on sore gums while still providing durability for developing jaws.

PuppyPrene 2.0 is our original compound which provides the perfect combination of durability and chewiness for the broadest range of dogs.  Available in a variety of colors, PuppyPrene 2.0 is the best choice for most adult dogs.

PuppyPrene 3.0 is our toughest compound made specifically for the most aggressive chewers.  Available only in black and found in our Magnum products, PuppyPrene 3.0 has special additives that give our compound added elasticity and tear resistance.


It is important to choose the right compound for your dog as well as the right size toy.  No dog toy is completely indestructible.  Supervise dogs while playing with SodaPup toys.  Inspect toys frequently and remove damaged toys.