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    The big reveal! Why do our warehouse manager and I share a last name? Because he’s my brother!

    Brad is Sodapup’s Warehouse Manager par excellente. He keeps the warehouse running smoothly, the space neat and organized, and he knows where everything is, not an easy task since it’s bursting at the seams. He juggles multiple orders from retail and wholesale customers, domestic and international. Usually in his slippers.
    Besides being all things warehouse, he could weld you a gorgeous decorative railing, make you a leather belt or wallet, wait your table with good humor and cheer, and fix whatever is wrong in your house.
    We would be sunk without his dedication.
    His pup, Billie, is a 12 year old lab/cattle dog mix.    

    Brad’s right hand helper in the warehouse is Miyu. Miyu is packs boxes and envelopes, trims and cleans toys (sometimes they get dirty in the shipping process), puts packaging onto toys. Turns out she’s also a member of the family, the partner to one of our sons.
    Brad and Miyu pack your toys to a revolving playlist of eclectic music. You are just as likely to hear hip hop as country as The Grateful Dead on any given day. She’s a fan of VERY spicy food and she’s a fabulous cook. At the Chandler/Baker household, we feel very lucky to be treated to her cooking.
    Now you know who sends your toys out to you every day. Thanks, Brad and Miyu!

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