Bond between humans and dogs strengthened by COVID-19

Posted by Chris Chandler on

In this article out of Washington State University, Will Ferguson, WSU News, writes:

"COVID-19 is bringing people together with their four-legged friends like never before, according to a survey led in part by a Washington State University human-animal interaction expert.

Phyllis Erdman, a professor in the WSU College of Education, and a team of collaborators from Colorado State University, the University of San Francisco and Palo Alto University, conducted a large survey of dog owners to find out how social isolation and other stressors associated with COVID-19 are influencing the bond between people and their pets.

Of the 4,105 dog owners surveyed, the vast majority reported their pets are playing a critical role in helping reduce feelings of depression, anxiety and loneliness. Many of the respondents also reported their pets were helping them maintain a regular schedule, cope with uncertainty, be compassionate towards themselves and find purpose in their lives."

See the entire article here:

What has your experience been?

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