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Start your dog's year off right with some health eating. You can use any of our stuffable toys like the Sodapup Cupcake, above, to give meals or snacks to your dog.

Combine wet foods like plain yogurt or cottage and raspberries or other fruits, stuff into the toy and feed. For additional challenge and fun, freeze for several hours first.

Working to get the food out of the toy provides important stimulation and challenge for your dog, providing entertainment and warding off boredom.

*Always make sure the human foods you provide are safe for dogs. Foods like onions, garlic and grapes are TOXIC to dogs. Some dogs may be sensitive to dairy.

If you are unsure, refer to a list like this one: https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/nutrition/human-foods-dogs-can-and-cant-eat/. Or check with you vet.


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