Recipes for Stuffing Enrichment Toys

Posted by Chris Chandler on

Wondering how to stuff an Enrichment Toy for your dog? On our Instagram feed, our customers share creative ideas on how to do this. Take a look.

1. From @ouraussieshepherds:

The ID Gear Treat Pocket stuffed with--

Beef & Heart mix*
Green lipped mussel*s
Shark cartilage*
Greek yogurt
Chunky meal topper*

Freeze for several hours.

(*@cooperskingdom products)

2. From @bindibucketlist:

The SP Cherry Pie Nylon dog toy stuffed with nut butter and coconut oil.


3. From @annie_the_staffador:

The SP Life Ring Rubber Chew toy stuffed with a moist treat around the sides with a more solid treat across the middle.

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