It's National Dog Day!

Posted by Chris Chandler on

Celebrate! It’s National Dog Day. Founded 2004 by animal advocate Colleen Page, it’s a day to honor our canine friends with a bit of extra love. Take your dog to the dog park or on an extra walk and let them sniff to their heart’s content. Let them cool off with a wade in a creek or lake, or offer them an extra treat.

Dogs make such a difference on our personal lives—listening to our woes, celebrating our joys with us, getting us out for much needed exercise, and being steady companions thrilled to see us whether we’ve been gone 5 days or 5 minutes.

They also serve us as companion helping dogs, guide dogs for the blind, in police and military K-9 units, as searchers and rescuers, as therapy animals and comforters. Amazing in their capacity to help and give love.

Happy National Dog Day!

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