Doggie See, Doggie Do

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Brody sleeps in a crate at home - happily. He goes in ahead of the 6 bits of string cheese that he gets every night at bedtime. Murphy sleeps at home  on the floor beside his mama.

All dogs that come to stay with me have full furniture privileges. When Brody’s folks went on vacation and Brody came to stay with me, I tried to coax him onto the bed, but he soon hopped off and wandered the house. Not great for my night’s sleep, so I returned him to his crate. When Murphy’s mama went on vacation, he immediately accepted the invitation to share the bed, and so we both enjoyed a deep and cozy sleep.

Recently, both were with me for a week - Brody sleeping in his crate; Murphy, on the bed. Brody paid attention.

Then came Brody once more, alone. Immediately, he demonstrated his enthusiasm for the bed, napping there during the day, hopping up on the bed at bedtime, no encouragement required. An instant convert.

The bed is big enough - next time will be a two dog night.


Written by Mary Ellen Bushnell, dog-sitter extraordinaire and mother of Adam Baker,  True Dogs, LLC Founder

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