Can My Dog Eat That? A List of Human Foods Dogs Can and Can't Eat

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Did you know there are common human foods that are dangerous to your dog? Among them are onions, garlic, grapes and raisins. If you feed your dog scraps or make recipes to put into stuffable enrichment feeders, it's important to have a reliable go-to source for information.

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"A survey revealed that 91% of pet parents have searched online to find out if a human food could make their dog sick, and 60% of pet owners say their dog has eaten human food that they later found out could make them sick*. Troublingly, only a little over half (55%) of pet parents in the same survey said they knew that grapes (which are very harmful if ingested) could make their dog sick.

At Rover, the health and wellbeing of pets is a top priority, so we wanted to create an interactive and educational resource of human foods that dogs can and can’t eat. We encourage you to search common household foods below to learn more about how they may affect your dog. Each food is listed as either a yes, maybe, or definite no for your dog’s diet and includes a link to an article with more information about that food. Take a look—you may even discover your pup’s new 
favorite snack!"

Go to this link to use this comprehensive and easy to use tool to make sure any human foods offered to your dog are safe:

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