Buddy Loves Trucks

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Buddy Love Trucks

Buddy is our 2 year old male black lab. We adopted him two months ago and with each passing day we learn more about him. One of the first things we learned is that he loves riding in the truck. Buddy scrambles for the garage door with the slightest movement, putting on of shoes, or jingling of keys. He’s determined not to be left behind and will leap into the truck without prompting, even when you’re trying to block him from getting in. I’ve gotten in the habit of taking him with me everywhere I go because it’s too much trouble trying to stop him! The boy knows what he wants, and frankly, I enjoy his company. It makes me happy that he’s so happy.

One day, as we were leaving an obedience training class, he leapt into the back seat and took his position by the window. I like to roll down the windows far enough for him to put his head out but not so far that he can jump out in pursuit of rabbits and squirrels. We were driving along as we normally do when suddenly, from the back seat I heard frantic pawing and yelping. WHAT was going on?!

As it turns out Buddy was standing on the power window button and was closing the window tighter and tighter on his neck. Years ago, when our sons were both little, our younger son would incessantly fidget with the power windows. UP and down. UP and down. No matter how we tried to make him stop, he persisted. The temptation and curiosity was too strong. I got in the habit of locking the windows to prevent the annoyance and the fruitless requests for him to stop. But that was many years ago and the power windows have remained unlocked for years.

I quickly realized what was happening and freed Buddy from the guillotine using the driver controls which thankfully override the back seat controls. Once released, Buddy sheepishly climbed into the front passenger seat where he sat and watched me with a forlorn look for the rest of the ride home.

Despite the window incident, Buddy’s love of the truck is as strong as ever and I’ve started using the window locks again!

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