Pop Top Rubber Tug Toy for Interactive Play

  • $18.99

    Pop a cold one for your pup! Here’s a throw back to soda cans with pull tabs made into a tug toy. Built from durable rubber to provide lots of tugging fun for dogs of all sizes.

    DURABLE: Made from durable, natural rubber. Designed for dogs of all sizes.

      TUG-O-WAR!: Enjoy a great old game of tug-o-war with your best Fur-Buddy. Designed with handle for you and one for your dog.

      NOT A CHEW TOY: This toy is for tugging. It is not a chew toy. Do not leave your dog unattended with the Pop Top Tug Toy.

        SUPERIOR MATERIAL: Made from SodaPup's proprietary natural rubber compound, which strikes the optimal balance between durability and chewiness.

          ANIMAL & PLANET FRIENDLY: Material is FDA compliant, non-toxic and biodegradable.Sustainably harvested helping us reduce our carbon footprint. 

            MADE IN USA: Proudly keeping jobs in America! Designed and manufactured in the USA!

              VETERINARIAN APPROVED: Veterinarian Approved!


                DISHWASHER SAFE:  Dishwasher safe and easy to clean!


                  REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: We stand by our products and offer a 30 day replacement guarantee. While no dog toy is indestructible, this toy has been tooth tested and holds up to the vast majority of dogs. Always supervise dog's play time and remove damaged toys.


                    5” wide, 12” long. Weight: 8 oz. For dogs of all sizes.


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                      Customer Reviews

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                      Customer Reviews

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                      Kevin M.
                      The closest thing to indestructible I've seen

                      My dog absolutely adores this toy—its been his favorite since he picked it out at our local pet store. We've had ours now for well over a year and its withstood puppy teeth, teething, daily tug of wars, and SO MUCH chewing.

                      There's definite signs of wear, but she's still holding on strong! It has outlasted all other toys in our house by a magnitude of ten. This toy alone has made me a lifelong sodapup customer and I'd put their quality of toy against anyone else.

                      Thanks for the great review Ken. We're so happy that this toy has held up to the abuse of your pup. While it is not designed to be a chew toy, we designed it to be as durable as possible!

                      Great for pups to play together

                      We have siblings that love to take whatever the other one has. They can rip this from each other, tug at it, and go crazy without destroying it. We had one that was well played with for almost a year and only had to get a new one because I threw it on the roof and wasn't able to get it down. It's really adorable to watch them run together while each one has a side in their mouth. :)
                      So far, all the toys that I have purchased from here have stood up to these destructo dogs.

                      Hi Jessica,
                      We're so glad to hear that our products are working well for you and your dogs! Thank you for leaving a review.

                      Best tug toy

                      This is the best tug toy, especially if you're playing with a dog that has sharp teeth (like my Malinois). The handles are long enough that you can safely distance your hands from your dog's mouth. Also, I love that the two handles have different toughness. The shorter handle is harder with less spring in the rubber so I always grab that side.

                      Great tug toy!

                      I had my doubts about this one. It's flexible and not as stout as the other SodaPup toys I received. BUT, playing tug with our "one-big-muscle" Lab, this toy took everything he gave it and then some! It stretched and twisted every which way and still looks good as new. Incredible!

                      Yay! Thanks for your review Heidi. We're so glad the tug toy is working well for you and your Lab! Keep in mind it is not a chew toy so don't leave him alone with it!

                      Pop Top Rubber Tug Toy

                      Nothing bad to say. Having fun with the pooch. Nice construction. Cool design.