Honeycomb Bowl Bundle Box for Chewing and Enrichment

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We've been so inspired by the humble bumble bee and the honey that they give to the world.  This Honeycomb bundle box features several of our favorite SodaPup licking, chewing, and enrichment toys.  The Honeycomb ebowl is designed to increase the eating challenge for fast-eating dogs.  By creating smaller chambers for the food, dogs need to use their instincts and persistence to get to all the goodies out of the bowl.

Our durable natural rubber honeybear treat dispenser is a great enrichment device that will trigger your dog's natural foraging instincts.  Fill it with kibble or treats and watch your dog go to work to get the food out.  It will stimulate your dog's mind and keep him engaged and happy.  You can also put this toy in the freezer filled with soft foods.  Giving your dog a frozen treat dispenser will further extend the enrichment challenge.

Our honeybone is an interesting evolution of the typical nylon chew bone.  Dogs focus their chewing on the ends of the bone, so we have taken material out of the shaft of the toy and put more material into the knuckles to extend the life of the toy.  We also added a ribbed texture to the knuckles to create tactile interest for dogs.  It also looks like a honey dipper?  

This bundle box also features two bags of Dogtastic  treats: Pumpkin Chewies and Roasted Duck treats.  Treat flavors may change based upon availability.

All SodaPup products are produced in the USA from FDA compliant materials.

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