Treat Dispensers

SodaPup treat dispensers are excellent dog enrichment toys.  Fill these treat dispensers with kibble or with more advanced recipes like peanut butter, cottage cheese, non-fat yogurt, fruits and vegetables, chicken broth and more!  Treat puzzles for dogs like our treat dispensing toys will stimulate your dog and keep him mentally engaged.  These treat dispensing dog toys will also help slow down dogs that eat too quickly.  Treat dispensers are excellent tools to deal with separation anxiety and can also be used for crate training.


Dog Treat Dispenser | Sodapup | Cool Dog Treat Dispensers
DOG TREAT DISPENSER - Now there's no need to have a big mess of dog food. Our dog treat dispensers are designed to keep your pet's food clean and fresh with every dish.
What are some ways that treat dispensing toys can help dogs?
- Satisfy evolutionary drives to chase, chew, and hunt for food, without destroying your home or furniture - Soothe anxious or over-excited dogs by teaching them that self-control and problem solving is more rewarding than frantic energy. - Prevent or reduce separation anxiety by giving your dog something else to think about while you are out of the house. - Entertainment during crate or downtime. Reduces the stress of confinement and boredom by giving your dog something to focus on and stimulates the brain to releases feel good endorphins through the chewing action which decrease anxiety and stress while promoting well-being and relaxation. - Slow down fast eaters. Rapid eating can lead to serious health problems such as bloat. These toys slow down the eating process and entertain at the same time.
What is a dog treat dispenser? What does it do?
A dog treat dispenser is a tool that pet owners use to reinforce and reward good pet behaviors. There is more to these simple-looking toys than just dispensing food! Here are some of the reasons why pet owners need the best treat dispensing dog toys: 1) To hide treats and other foods - Our treat dispensers can be filled with all kinds of healthy foods for dogs. A simple use is to simply put dog treats inside the toy allowing the dogs to play with it while the treats are consumed one at a time. Peanut butter is another simple filler that will take your dog a long time to lick clean from the inside. 2) Rather than serving meals in a feeding bowl, let your dog forage for their food inside the dispenser toys. 3) Keep them preoccupied - just like we do with our toddlers, we need to keep our dogs busy — and what better way to do that than to use a dog treat dispenser! These chewy toys are perfect for dogs that display mischievous behaviors or get agitated quickly. So, while you are busy with chores and need some alone time, these toys are your best ally! 4) Mental stimulating toy - keeping our dogs busy will enhance their mental capacity. A dog treat ball dispenser, for example, has a double purpose function. A "go fetch" tool to enhance physical activity and at the same time, a treat dispenser which may serve as a puzzle to be solved. 5) Behavioral exercise - We already knew the importance of enrichment toys to tame behaviors, reduce stress and improve the overall wellness of our fur babies. Treat dispensers are excellent enrichment toys that will help with behavior control. The idea is to let our pets "work" more for their food and at the same time help reduce the incidence of too much barking and chewing of things in the house. Sodapup has a large variety of treat dispenser toys with many fun shapes, colors, and sizes. Our toys are made of top-quality rubber that is safe for dogs and the environment.
How to choose the right treat dispenser
Choosing a suitable treat dispenser could be a pretty overwhelming task, especially with the myriad of choices for these treat dispensers available in the market today. Pet owners have to consider their pet's size, chewing capacity, and strength, plus their pet's readiness to use these treat dispensers. NOTE: Always take your time choosing a suitable treat dispenser for your pets— you mustn't rush and buy impulsively. Scrutinize the dispenser's quality, safety, and appropriateness against your dog's age and size. Here are the guidelines in finding the perfect treat dispenser for your pet: 1) Durability - Durability is perhaps the most important consideration. Many dog toy companies use cheap fillers in their materials which reduces the material's tear strength. To the naked eye, the material seems durable, but when put to the test with your dog, these materials don't hold up. At SodaPup, we use premium materials with very high tear strength. We stand behind our products with a 30 day replacement guarantee. 2) Easy to Clean - Treat dispensers that are easy to clean will save the day! Go for the ones that are dishwasher safe and easy to clean and maintain! 3) Dog-safe materials - All SodaPup materials are FDA compliant and BPA free. The materials are non-toxic and perfectly safe to put in your dog's mouth. 4) Correct Sizing - A toy's durability has largely to do with the quality of the material and also the size of the toy. If a toy is too small for your dog so that he can get it in his back teeth, then no matter the material, your dog will destroy it. So, its critical to buy the right size toy. When in doubt about the correct size, buy the larger size. If you need help choosing the best chew toys, treat dispensers, or enrichment toys for your dogs SodaPup can assist you. We have a wide array of the best dog treat dispensing toys that allow you to easily control how much food your pet gets.
Why Choose SodaPup Treat Dispensers?
SodaPup is a veteran-owned business and takes pride in manufacturing American-made dog toys. Our materials are FDA approved, environmentally safe, and ultra-durable. Our products provide tremendous value because they are built to last. We have a wide selection of sizes and fun shapes for you to choose from for your doggos; after all, variety is the spice of life for your dogs as well as yourself! If you have more than one dog at home purchase toys for all of them to avoid skirmishes between them. Just fill each dispenser with food, keep it in the fridge or freezer, then grab one every mealtime, snack time, or when you train your dogs. SodaPup toys can help address the following common problems: 1) Boredom/separation anxiety - Our treat dispensers keep your pets entertained and reduces boredom-related behaviors by keeping them stimulated and busy. 2) Puppy Teething - Treat Dispensers and chew toys can help soothe the sore gums of teething puppies. Pre-fill your treat dispensers with moist ingredients and then freeze them ahead of time. Give them to your teething pup. The combination of cold ingredients and the chewy material of our toys will help soothe their irritated gums. 3) Excessive Barking - Sometimes our dogs want to be the center of attention or they are distracted by other dogs and people, leading to excessive barking. SodaPup treat dispensers are the perfect solution to this problem. Our toys will keep your dogs entertained and distracted, eliminating unwanted behaviors! 4) Chewing Problems - Has your dog chewed on the furniture? On your favorite pair of shoes? SodaPup toys are the perfect solution for unwanted chewing behaviors. We specialize in highly durable dog toys and our products come with a 30 day replacement guarantee. 5) Mental Stimulation - Allowing the dogs to "work" for their food using the treat dispensers allows them to solve problems and figure things out. SodaPup treat dispensers are an excellent way to reduce boredom. 6) Training Aid - Along with our Frisbees and tug toys, the Sodapup treat dispenser toys are valuable tools you can use to reward good behaviors. We always want what is best for our dogs as they have become a part of our family. Time and affection are the ultimate expressions of our love for our fur babies however that is not always possible. SodaPup treat dispensers can help keep your dogs mentally stimulated when you are not available to play and shower them with affection. At SodaPup we strive to give back to the communities where we do business. We donate generously to dog charities and shelters through our Rescue2 Program.