TPE Toys

TPE stands for Thermo Plastic Elastomer and this material has many of the same characteristics as durable natural rubber with the added advantage that it floats!  We make a variety of products from this material like lick mats, floating toys and chew toys.


Why is TPR/TPE a good material choice for dog toys?
• TPR (thermoplastic Rubber) is a synthetic material suited for use in high quality dog toys thanks to its wear-resistance and weatherproof characteristics. The TPR toys are also flexible and soft so dogs of all ages will have fun carrying and catching them. • Selecting toys for dogs that are durable, stylish, and sustainably made is a hard task. Manufacturing dog toys can be difficult when considering how to improve the quality and durability of a product. High-quality TPE material is flexible enough for a wide array of uses, including, manufacturing strong, safe, rubbery plastic dog toys that are squishy, fun to play with, and easy to clean. Chew toys especially need to withstand constant gnawing and attempts of destruction. TPE makes for a lightweight, UV light, and chemical resistant toy. They’re safe for the animal to use and are easily molded to offer a variety of textures and colors necessary to keep the animal’s interest. • The soft, rubbery TPE used for toys are great for most pets. Because they are durable and strong, it will take most animals some time to chew through and wear down the TPE. Thermoplastic elastomers offer a wide range of colorability, assuring that the toys made are bright, which can draw attention.