Rubber Toys

SodaPup specializes in durable rubber dog toys for power chewers.  Not all rubber materials are alike.  Unlike our competitors who put cheap fillers in their compounds to lower costs, our proprietary rubber compound is formulated with a "no compromises" approach to maximize tear strength. As a result we make the most durable chew toys, treat dispensers, tug toys, retrieving toys, flyers, enrichment toys and more.


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Is natural rubber a durable material?
Natural Rubber dog toys are super durable. Natural rubber is a “cross linked polymer” which is a fancy way of saying that the molecular structure cross-links during the curing process, making it exceptionally durable and tear-resistant. Our rubber toys will stand up to the wear and tear of even your most aggressive chewer.
Are all rubber compounds alike?
No! Not all rubber compounds are alike! Rubber compounds are made primarily from natural rubber, but there are also other ingredients like binding agents and filler materials like clay and silica. Manufacturers (especially Asian suppliers) lower the price of their toys by putting more fillers and less rubber into their rubber compounds. While these fillers are invisible to the consumer, they have dramatic impacts on the durability of the toy.
Do natural rubber dog toys promote canine dental hygiene?
Yes! Natural Rubber dog toys promote canine dental hygiene. The simple act of chewing on our SodaPup rubber toys helps to keep your dog’s teeth clean. Chewing helps remove plaque and tartar build-up.
What are the benefits of rubber chew toys?
Chewing is often thought of as negative dog behavior- especially when it relates to your pooch chewing on your shoes or furniture. However, there are many benefits to chewing for dogs that you may not be aware of. How can you keep your possessions safe but also allow your dog to reap from all the benefits of chewing? The key is re-directing that behavior to chew toys for dogs.
Do rubber chew toys help dogs relieve stress and anxiety?
Just like yoga or meditation may be calming for humans, chewing can be a zen activity for dogs. When anxious, dogs tend to chew in an effort to ease those feelings. If your pup gets stressed at the sound of fireworks and storms or suffers from separation anxiety try giving them a chew toy during those times to help keep them calm and happy.
Do rubber chew toys help puppies that are teething?
A rubber chew toy is a must for your new puppy! Chewing can help ease the pain that puppies are experiencing while they are teething. If your pup’s gums seem extra tender you can try putting a chew toy in the freezer before giving it to your pup for an added soothing effect. Chewing also promotes teeth growth so your puppy can develop healthy and strong adult teeth.
Do rubber chew toys provide mental stimulation?
Just like dogs need physical exercise they also need mental stimulation. Chewing is a really exciting activity for dogs and requires a lot of their focus. Chew toys are a great way to build your dog’s brainpower, especially if you hide treats inside of them!
Can Chew toys help prevent destructive chewing?
As you now know- dogs LOVE and NEED to chew. However, you don’t want your leather shoes or fancy furniture to be victims of your dog’s natural chewing instincts. Chew toys are a great way to prevent destructive chewing. If you can redirect them to toys meant to be chewed on they can reap all of the above benefits without damaging any of your shoes!
Can rubber chew toys keep your pup occupied?
Rubber chew toys are a great way for your dog to get some solo play in. While they are busy gnawing on chew toys you can get some work done or eat dinner without being interrupted.