Mutts Kick Butt

Mutts Kick Butt dog toys are inspired by iconic American objects: footballs, cupcakes, dice and more!  All Mutts Kick Butt dog toys are made in the USA from a durable "super-chewer" rubber compound.  Our material is non-toxic and FDA compliant and even sustainable and biodegradable.  All of our toys come with a 30 day one-time replacement guarantee.


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Shop for MuttsKickButt dog toys, made in the USA from a durable super-chewer rubber compound, sustainable and biodegradable. Visit website to know more!
Are MuttsKickButt dog toys made in the USA?
- Yes! All of our products are 100% manufactured in the USA, even our rope. - Natural rubber is a natural ingredient that comes from rubber trees. Rubber trees grow in equatorial climates where there is high heat and humidity and lots of rain. Rubber trees do not grow in the USA. So, we import raw natural rubber and work with compounding facilities in the USA to create our specific rubber compound for dog toys. This compound is engineered for high durability and tear strength.
Are MuttsKickButt dog toys safe?
- Yes! All SodaPup dog toys, including those in the MuttsKickButt collection are made from FDA compliant materials that are safe for dogs (and people) to have in their mouths. - Product design is another important consideration when creating a dog toy. While no dog toy is indestructible, SodaPup strives to create toy designs that are less susceptible to destruction. You should always supervise your dog when playing with toys and remove damaged toys immediately.
What types of toys are in the MuttsKickButt Collection?
The MuttsKickButt Collection includes toys made from natural rubber which is a soft, pliable material. It also includes toys made from nylon which is a hard plastic material. We also have emats and some dog toys made from Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE). TPE is a type of synthetic rubber that is ideal for certain applications where natural rubber isn’t the best option.
What are the differences in the MuttsKickButt rubber compounds?
SodaPup dog toys are available in three natural rubber compounds: Our Original compound is for average chewers. Our Magnum compound is for power chewers and is always the color black. Our Puppy compound is for the tender mouths of teething puppies. Our puppy rubber is made from a softer rubber material. While it can be destroyed more easily, the softer material will help massage a puppies sore teeth and gums while teething.