Some dogs, like ours, are just bonkers for our frisbees.  They fly straight and far and are perfect for high energy dogs that need lots of exercise.  The beauty of our rubber frisbees is that they won't hurt your dogs teeth and gums like a plastic frisbee will.  Our rubber material is soft and safe for your dog.  While not a chew toy, our frisbees are also exceptionally durable.  Your dog will love playing fetch with you and will build a bond with you daily exercise.


Why choose a soft rubber flyer over a hard plastic rubber flyer?
- There are two types of discs available on the market: rigid (hard) and flexible (soft). Both are acceptable choices, and each have their strengths and weaknesses. - Hard discs are the primary type used by serious aficionados. The main issue with hard flyers is that they can hurt your dog and possibly break their teeth. This may be especially problematic for small dogs. Hard flying disks can also be more difficult for your dog to grab when lying flat on the ground. Hard discs are also more easily destroyed by power chewers. - Soft Frisbees, like the SodaPup bottle top flyers, flex if you bend them. Our flyers are heavy enough to fly well and durable enough to take some serious abuse from your dog catching it. More importantly, a soft rubber disc has very little chance of hurting your dog because the material is soft and pliable. Flexible rubber discs are also easier for dogs to pick up off the ground.
What are other important characteristics of flyers for dogs?
- Generally speaking, the heavier of two otherwise identical discs will fly farther and straighter. However, the heavier disc will also be harder to catch. The optimal frisbee is heavy enough to fly far but not so heavy that it is hard for your dog to catch. - Good dog discs are easy to throw and fly well. If you aren’t able to throw the toy well, your dog will struggle to learn to catch it. A good catch requires a good throw! - The best throwing discs are designed so that your dog can grip them easily. SodaPup flyers are designed specifically so that dogs can pick them up more easily than a standard Frisbee. This is done by creating a tall edge that has a slight undercut, creating a spot for the dog to get ahold of the flyer. - Throwing discs must be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use with your dog. Cheap, low-quality discs will likely fall apart before you can get good value from them. SodaPup’s rubber flyers are designed to take a beating. Our Large Magnum flyer is the most durable option in our product line.