Do you have a Destrukto Dog?  If so, then our toy of the month program is perfect for you!  Each month we'll send you a new American-made durable rubber dog toy that's designed specifically for power-chewer dogs between 30-65 pounds.  Better yet, you'll get it delivered to your door step for just $9.99/month. That's almost 50% off the normal cost of product and shipping!  How do we do it?  By eliminating most of the frills..  You get only what you need - awesome, durable products at an unbelievable low price!

What products will come in your monthly Dog Pack?  It's a surprise!  But take a look around our site.  We have 6 brands and are constantly designing new toys. You can count on receiving the same quality as what you see on these web pages.

All of our toys are Made in the USA.  Our material is sustainable, non-toxic, FDA-compliant and of course, exceptionally durable!

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