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The Dynamic Duo for Incredible Cognitive Benefits!

Entertain and enrich your pup with our limited-time Brain Boost Bundle! SodaPup Jigsaw emat lick mat provides enriching entertainment, reduces stress & anxiety, and stimulates cognitive function with its fun puzzle design. Add Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil from Natural Dog Company onto the emat to give your dog a delicious treat that boosts brain health and supports immune, joint, and heart wellness, too!

Give your pup the cognitive support they need and the delicious treat they love with this limited-edition Brain Boost Bundle!

Lick mats are a simple yet ingenious way to entertain and enrich your pup’s health. A positive licking experience can benefit dogs by:

  1. Reducing stress, anxiety, and other behavioral issues like separation anxiety or destructive chewing

  2. Stimulating brain function & problem-solving

  3. Distracting & entertaining dogs during grooming or while you work, cook, exercise, etc.

  4. Aiding digestion by stimulating saliva production

  5. Promoting fresh breath and healthy teeth & gums

  6. Minimizing overfeeding

Salmon Oil is one of the best supplements to include in your pup’s daily routine. Add salmon oil onto the lick mat so your dog can reap even more health benefits! Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is perfect for:

  1. Boosting cognitive function & overall brain health

  2. Relieving seasonal allergies & recurring skin problems 

  3. Restoring skin & coat health

  4. Reducing joint pain

  5. Strengthening the immune system

  6. Supporting heart & cardiac wellness

  7. Encouraging sick, appetite-repressed, or picky eaters to gobble up a meal


Spread your pup’s favorite soft treat (we recommend yogurt, cottage cheese, or peanut butter) across the surface of the lick mat, ensuring the treat is pushed into the puzzle grooves. Top with the recommended dose of Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, and boom! A brain-boosting treat with amazing cognitive benefits.

Pro Tip: Put the lick mat in the freezer to create a puzzle-shaped pupsicle that makes treats last even longer!

To clean, rinse the enrichment mat in warm, soapy water or wash on the top rack of your dishwasher.

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